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TRUTH shines through the darkness!
" The entrance of Thy Words, giveth light."

Thrice Trumpeted Truths
CLEARLY spoken 3 times

Thrice Trumpeted Truths
displays and honors God's Word.

Is it possible that God confirmed almost all of the major Bible doctrines by a triple?
It is not only possible - that is what He did.

The commemoration of Resurrection Day is done for another year!
Or is it? Each Sunday is a commemoration of Jesus resurrection.
Jesus, the Christ, was cruelly crucified. He was buried and rose from the dead on the first day of the week following the Sabbath after Passover. (Sunday)
That RESURRECTION Day was the Jewish Festival of Firstfruits. Firstfruits is the third of three Spring Festivals: Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits.

There were tree tribunals, three proclamations of "NO FALT" and three statements in three languages of "King." But, Pilate had already announced Jesus' "Kingship" three times during the trial.
Another recorded triple: the mob shouted, "Crucify Him" thrice.
Three is the number of CERTAINTY. The mob certainly wanted Jesus to be crucified. Pilate found no fault and Jesus was displayed as King by three royal symbols.

God's Word is fascinating!!! These and nearly 100 more triples, confirming a truth are included in the book, Thrice Trumpeted Truths.

Thrice Trumpeted Truths is a great read. Because it includes hundreds of Scripture portions, it will shed light into this darkened world.

Thrice Trumpeted Truths - CLEARLY spoken 3 times:
    For the person who seldom studies the Bible,
    For the person who always studies the Bible,
    For the person who has NEVER studied the Bible. (For the skeptic, too!!!)

Thrice Trumpeted Truths can be used as a great evangelistic tool.
The gospel is clearly presented via triples. Also, major doctrines of the Bible are each identified, somewhere in the Scriptures by a triple. That is amazing!!! The book is a tool:
    It can be used as a tool for looking at Bible doctrine.
    It can be used as a tool for looking at a systematic doctrinal study.
    It can be used by the group leader who wants to be innovative in his/her planning.
    It can be used by the pastor as a resource for synthetic studies.
    It can be used by the curious to help affirm the inspiration, inerrancy and preservation of the Scriptures.
    It can be used as a foundational group study - as an introduction to "first" studies.
    It can be used to view the awesomeness of God's complete revelation.
    It can be used as a wonderful gift to almost anyone!
    It can be used as a means to share The Gospel message, itself.

Here is an amazing example: the birth of Jesus Christ is trumpeted by seven sets of triples: three angelic announcements, three unlikely proclaimers, His name - "Jesus, and ___.
Also, His last day resounds with at least nine sets and His resurrection by several sets of truths, triply stated. More than 100 clearly, and with CERTAINTY, proclaim the foundational doctrines of Scripture. The gospel message - also a triple - is verified to be TRUE.

When we began our investigation to find some unique triples - we thought it could be an interesting 3 or 4 week study. Then, we found more - and more - and more. This must be shared with God's people and below is a part of what we found.

We could hardly believe it. At that time we had never heard this, never read this, had never seen it. Then we realized a linking truth: "God is Trinity!!!"
Could it be that triples radiate from God's very triune being?

Then we realized that God created three entities:
     Gen 1:1 "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth."
      Gen 1:21 "And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth,"
      Gen 1:27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."

But, that was only the beginning. "In the mouth of two or three witnesses" is written three times for the Old Testament and repeated as a New Testament truth three times. That was a double triple demonstrating that three witnesses indicate a certainty.

Thus, we concluded that if God states a truth three times in a unique way - He must mean for us to recognize it to be a triply confirmed TRUTH!!! He confirmed it as a CERTAINTY. Jesus was in the grave for three days. He was CERTAINLY dead!!! He rose from the dead and confirmed His resurrection by numerous triples!!! Jesus Christ is alive; He ascended into heaven (triply verified); He will CERTAINLY return because He triply affirmed: "I come quickly" (Revelation 22:7-20). If these confirmed truths do not thrill the faith and heart of the regenerated person, what will?

Elihu expressed an insight:

" For God speaketh once,
yea twice,
yet man preceiveth it not
(Job 33:14)

Then the awe struck, as we looked at God's plan of redemption. Jesus proved His authority over seven realms during His three year ministry with each of the seven being verified by a triple record.

But, even more awesome were the nine sets of triples that we found in John 18 & 19 relating to the three trials, the three demands of the mob and Pilate's three "NO FAUT" proclamations. Of course we already knew about the three crosses, three languages and the three days that proclaimed the certainty that Jesus was dead. He really did die and three days proved it.

Who is Jesus? This is answered by multiple sets of triples throughout the Gospels. We already knew that He was "The Word." Proclaimed three times in John 1:1. He is the third person of the Trinity, verified by the three manifestations of the Trinity during the time of His ministry. He, Himself claimed to be
     "The Way,"
      "The Truth,"
      "The Life."

Amazement continued when we found the first three human announcers that human authors would never have chosen for a "made up" story of the birth of a king, of the Jewish Messiah. You know who they are but have you put them together?
      First it was shepherds. Would a humanly made up story bring shepherds into such an account? Shepherds were not well respected for their status in society. They announced the Messiah's birth to Bethlehem.
      Second it was a woman. Anna was both a woman and a nobody; she was not well respected for her status in society. She announced the Messiah's birth in the capitol city, Jerusalem.
      Third it was foreigners. It was the wise men from the east who had come to worship the king. Their announcement was to the king Herod and to the religious hierarchy. Foreigners were not well respected for their status in Jerusalem.

Why would God choose the three most unlikely people for such a task? Could it be that God wanted all humankind to realize that His record was God breathed - inspired and reliable? To those who say that the Bible is only the writings of men miss the point that God is trying to triply say - "Nobody would do it that way! But, God is trying to tell us:
      I planned it;
      I executed it;
      I recorded it.

The book, Thrice Trumpeted Truths CLEARLY spoken 3 times, includes numerous sets of triples that clearly trumpet truths in these events.
Hundreds of books are written each month. Some give new insights, some help us feel good, few are a true look at the Scriptures themselves. This study shows clear evidence:

    As Thrice Trumpeted Truths, finds and investigates the Bible's truths that are CLEARLY spoken 3 times, it becomes an awesome display of intriguing triples.
      NOTE: By a triple we mean the truth is uniquely stated three and ONLY three times in the specified manner.

All quotations (hundreds) are from the KJV.

    These triples are no accident. Each triple clearly shows both the inspiration and preservation of the Scripture's 66 books.

      Remember Elihu's perception?

" For God speaketh once,
yea twice,
yet man preceiveth it not
(Job 33:14)

      Does humankind need a triple, uniquely stated affirmation of a simple truth? This is one of God's methods to proclaim TRUTH with CERTAINTY.

      Thrice Trumpeted Truths - CLEARLY spoken 3 times, is written as a search and find discovery of many of the Scripture's triples. These clearly trumpet key truths in God's revealed Word.

      Threes, triples, triads, seem to radiate from God's triune nature and as "three witnesses" - each set clearly state the certain completion of God's plan, past, present, and future. If He said it three times - why doubt?

      We found so many sets of triples, we were forced to conclude that they seem to radiate from God's very triune being. A key word, phrase, doctrine, or description, uniquely repeated three and only three times, as a unique triple, in a specific passage, book, testament, or in the entirety of Scripture declares the certainty of God's revelation. We found that most foundational biblical doctrine are proclaimed by triples.

      Remember Elihu's perception?

" For God speaketh once,
yea twice,
yet man preceiveth it not
(Job 33:14)

This the third time we repeated this passage!!!

      Does humankind need a triple, uniquely stated affirmation of a simple truth? This is one of God's methods to proclaim TRUTH with CERTAINTY.

      Interestingly, we found that God's being of eternality is clearly stated on three occasions - each as a triple. Also, triumphantly, the resurrection is accounted by triples. Awesomely, the certain return of Jesus Christ is His final, triple proclamation,

"I come quickly."

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Thrice Trumpeted Truths

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